A solid axle swap is one of the best modifications for extreme off road adventures.  I purchased my 1986 Toyota 4runner with the factory IFS (independent front suspension) swapped for a 1983 Toyota solid front axle.  Unfortunately, it was not done properly including: the springs, shackle angle, shackle location and front cross member.  I decided it was time torch the cross member and get it installed properly.

Sky Manufacturing provided the Toyota Solid Axle Swap Kit.  The parts installed included: the front spring hanger cross member with laser cut logo, frame jigs, sleeves, bushings and hardware.  Parts were installed by Joe HopePNWFAB.

[vimeo clip_id="3953104" width="585" height="439"]

Step 1: Unbolt front leaf springs and shackles.

Step 2: Remove cross member and frame tubes with torch.

Step 3: Position and weld on new Sky Manufacturing Spring Cross Member

Step 4: Position and weld frame tubes.  Plate frame.

Step 5: Bolt everything up and paint.

The parts fit perfectly; it looks factory.  The design and quality of construction is top notch.  I’ve been very impressed with the customer service and products offered by Sky Manufacturing.

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2 Comments on Sky Manufacturing: Toyota SAS Solid Axle Swap Kit

  1. Gregorio Reyes says:

    Greedings from the Northern Marianas Islands(Saipan)

    My co-worker wants to SAS his 1982 Datsun 4×4. He is going to use a solid axle from a 1982 toyota truck. What other concern will be involve in the swap besides flippingover the front axle.
    What about the steering components. Just a thought….

  2. Flipping the axle will take some work. You might be better off torching the axle tubes off and re-tubing it to the lengths that you want. Otherwise, you’ll need to re-work the knuckle ends for the steering and the fill/drain plugs. Sounds like a fun project.