May 30, 2009Mt Bike Trip Report

Destination: Tumalo Creek TrailBend, Oregon
Group: Athey Creek Fellowship “Men’s Mountain Bike Trip”
Attendees: Bryn, John, Ben, Mike, Robert, Tyler, John, Nolan, Peter

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Our adventure bound group met at the Athey Creek Fellowship church office on Friday evening.  We were packed, locked and loaded by 6:30pm.  Our fearless trip organizer Bryn drove the “mega cruiser” (ie 15 passenger van) with 6 bikes strapped the roof and a 12 ft trailer in tow.  We stopped briefly in the Salem area for some “health food” at Burger King, while several of us chose the more “stomach friendly” Subway.

We arrived in Bend shortly after dark and met up with Nolan and then stopped for food and gas at Fred Meyers.  Sometime later we arrived at our beautiful Sunriver destination.  Our group was full of energy, enthusiasm and excitement which lasted into the early morning hours playing games, talking, music and trail planning.

Morning came early on Saturday or so it seemed after not much sleep.  We packed our gear and enjoyed a hearty breakfast that chef Bryn had cooked up.  Before we loaded the “cruiser” we had some devotion time in I Chorinthians 13 and sang a few songs.


After a quick stop at the REI in Bend and a covert operation (ie hide the ice chest) we headed for the trail.  It was a beautiful clear sunny morning and the city was alive with activity; there was a bike race, walkers and watchers lining the road.  We avoided hitting the road bikers, arrived at the trail head, unloaded the bikes and assembled our gear.

We rallied together shortly after 11am and proceeded up the trail.  The first hill climb quickly segmented our group; we quickly learned who was “in shape” and not.  Nolan and John led the group and blasted up the hillside as if it were level ground.  Ben, Mike, John and Robert were also rather impressive with their trail conditioning.  We hit a max altitude of 4,957 ft which was nearly 1,400 ft of vertical elevation gain from the trail head.

Distance:     18.2 miles
Elapsed Time:     4:07:29
Avg Speed:     4.4 mph
Max Speed:     30.8 mph
Avg Pace:     13′ 32″ per mile


Min Altitude:     3,572 ft
Max Altitude:     4,957 ft

Start Location:
Latitude: 44.031522º N – Longitude: 121.515288º W

End Location:
Latitude: 44.041311º N – Longitude: 121.326495º W

Our directions got confused a couple of times which resulted in screaming fast downhill, followed by a painfully slow assent.  The trail we chose was primarily single track that wound through the trees.  Robert managed an impressive “over the handlebars” flip and somehow survived (quite exciting to watch).  We also rode a black diamond trail which had more technical obstacles (ie rocks).  The downhill sections of trail were intense and fast with switchbacks, rocks and small drop offs.

The last section of trail bordered along the river and provided beautiful views.  Our pace was slowing down and we stopped in several places to regain energy.  Nolan and John departed from the group to retrieve the “mega cruiser”; the remainder of us rode to the park in Bend for lunch.  We regrouped a couple hours later and resupplied at REI before driving back to Sunriver.

That evening at the house we enjoyed some great BBQ steak, played games, relaxed and soaked in the hot tub.  Most of the group was tired and went to sleep early in preparation for the Sunday morning ride.  We got up early Sunday morning and rode a network of trails from Sunriver to a water fall.  The ride was scenic and somewhat relaxing asside from the sore muscles and sore butt.


Our trip had passed quickly and it was time to pack up and check out.  We loaded the “mega cruiser” and drove into Bend for some devotional time, lunch and ultimate Frisbee.  Afterward we refreshed at Dairy Queen with some Blizzard ice cream and departed from Bend for the church office.

The drive home was rather uneventful other than Bryn, Tyler, Mike and John yelling “ping” continuously for hours; it was some sort of car driving game that kept them alert and awake.  The back seat people napped and relaxed.  We encountered some heavy rain and hail while driving over Santiam Pass but thankfully God protected us and kept us safe.

Special thanks to Bryn for organizing the trip.  I enjoyed meeting and riding with everyone.  Feel free to post your comments.

3 Comments on Mt Bike Trip Report: Tumalo Creek Trail – Bend, OR – May 30, 2009

  1. Tyler says:

    Thanks for putting together the video. It was great to ride with you guys, I look forward to more adventures in the future.


  2. Ben says:

    Awesome Video/Pictures/Description. Great to meet you and thanks for putting this together Peter!


  3. Guillermo O. Rivera says:

    Wonderful trips. Exciting events. Lots of fun. My son Robert Rivera
    keeps me posted up and I kind of feeling as part of the group. Go
    for more. Bryn, keep cooking great meals. God bless you all.