June 13, 2009Mt Bike Trip Report

Destination: Molalla River CorridorMolalla Oregon
Attendees: Jason, Peter

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The Molalla River Corridor is an incredible location to explore.  The scenery is beautiful and it has much to offer including exceptional mountain biking trails.  There are many trails to choose between ranging from intermediate to advanced.

Jason and I decided to ride a fairly extensive network of trails.  We arrived in the early afternoon, unloaded our bikes and did some minor brake adjustments.  Our goal was to find the more technical “advanced” trails and ride a loop back to the trail head.  Our trails included:  Huckleberry Trail, Rim Trail, Bear Woods Loop, Rim Tie Trail and Deer Skull Trail.

The initial gravel road from the trail head is fairly long and steep which gets the heart racing.  We rode gravel roads to the rim trail which was the first in our series of trails.  All of the trails here are single track which means they are narrow.

I would highly recommend the rim trail if you are looking for a technical trail.  It has sections that are fast, roots, rocks, small drops, stream crossings and trees to maneuver around.  There was one section of trail that we couldn’t ride up.  Our tires were too muddy and the trail was steep, rocky and slick.  We had fun attempting different lines though.

The bear loop was scenic and less technical.  The deer skull trail was a bit disappointing in comparison to the rim trail and we felt it didn’t earn the advanced rating.

We had a great time and managed to escape without injuries or mechanical failures.  I can’t wait for the next trip.

Total Distance: 8.8 miles
Total Time: 3:16:07
Average Speed: 5.7 mi/h
Max Speed:  28.5 mi/h

Min Elevation: 599 ft
Max Elevation: 1512 ft
Elevation Gain: 3433 ft
Max Grade: 9 %
Min Grade: -18 %

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