Your tires need to be deflated to take advantage of increased traction while 4wheeling off road.  This lengthy process often involves removing the tire valve stem caps and depressing the valve.  Often times people use vehicle keys, knives, small sticks or other similar tools to depress the tire valve.  This is a painfully slow process and involves extended time kneeling on the ground or bending over waiting for the tire pressure to drop.

Tire Deflation Hard Method

Tire Deflation Hard Method

As the tire pressure decreases you will need to periodically stop and check the tire pressure with a tire pressure gauge; then resume as needed.  The major shortfalls of this method are:  1. Slow & Tedious.  2. Painful on back and/or knees.  3. Difficult to make all tires equal pressure.

A less painful method is to remove the valve from the valve stem; you will need a small screw driver or valve stem remover.  This process requires careful attention to tire pressure as the air will escape rapidly; be quick to check tire pressure and replace valve.  There are several shortfalls with this method:  1. You can only air down 1 or 2 tires at a time.  2. Danger of losing tire valves.  3. Difficulty to stop tire deflating at an exact pressure.

Ready for a better method?  Staun Tyre Deflators.  One of the best inventions to enhance your 4wheeling experience.

Staun Tyre Deflators

Staun Tyre Deflators

These automatic tire deflators are fully adjustable.  Setting the tire deflator pressure is simple.  First, deflate your tire to the desired pressure.  Second, screw the Staun Tyre Deflator onto the valve stem.  Third, screw the tyre deflator tip out and slow tighten until the valve shuts off.  Remove the tyre deflator and repeat the same steps for the other tyre deflators.

How does it work on the trail?  Simple.  Incredible.  Easy.   Screw the Staun Tyre Deflators onto all four tire valve stems.  They will automatically air down the tires to the previously set pressure and shut off.  Simply remove the deflator after the valve has closed.  All 4 tires will be at the exact same pressure.  No need to mess with tire gauges.  No lost tire stem valves.  No sore knees or back.

Staun Tyre Deflator Adjustment

Staun Tyre Deflator Adjustment

Some of the additional advantages of the Staun Tyre Deflators:

1. Fastest tire deflators on the market.
2. Easy to use, no tools required.
3. Extremely accurate; within .o5 psi of set pressure.
4. Can air down all four tires unattended, simultaneously.
5. Can drive vehicle while tires are deflating.

Check out more details:

This is one of the few inexpensive purchases that can be enjoyed on every 4wheeling trip.  I’ve had my tyre deflators for over 3 years.  They have been used on 3 different 4wd vehicles I’ve owned.

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