Portable air compressors are an excellent choice for airing up tires after 4wheeling off road.  They are less expensive than CO2 Systems or Onboard Air Systems.

The issue with most portable air compressors is that they are slow.  While speed isn’t a requirement it’s nice to get your tires aired up to highway pressure in a reasonable amount of time.

Introducing the Superflow MV-50 and MasterFlow MF-1050 made by Q Industries.  This compressor is remarkably fast and capable and has a price tag much less than other comparable compressors ($50-70).

Superflow MV50 Portable Air Compressor

Superflow MV50 Portable Air Compressor

Q Industries MV50 SuperFlow Hi-Volume Air Compressor Includes:

Compressor, 12V High Volume, 150 PSI with Gauge, Quick Release 16 ft Air Hose, Fuseable Link, Alligator Clip Connections, Storage Bag & Accessories.

Superflow MV50 Specs:

- Flows up to72 lpm or 2.54 CFM
- 1/3 Horsepower Oil-less Motor
- 150 PSI Max Pressure
- Can be hard mounted for Onboard Air Applications

I have used my Superflow compressor for about 4 years now.  It has run continuously to air up 8 tires or more without issues.  How fast is it for airing up tires?

My truck has 35×12.5″ BFG KM2 Tires on 8×15″ wheels.  The air compressor inflates the tires from 10 PSI to 35 PSI in 3 Minutes and 20 Seconds.  That’s impressive!  With 2 compressors I can air up all 4 tires in 8-10 minutes.  This is one of the best values for a portable air compressor on the market.

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2 Comments on Portable Air Compressor: High-Volume Superflow MV50

  1. olysteve says:

    I’ve used one of these for the last year and a half and love it.
    It works faster than some guys’ on board air systems!
    And for the price of around 50-70 bucks it can’t be beat.

    Just my 2c worth

  2. Tom says:

    I purchased mine about 4 years ago. One of the fittings failed quite early (coming from China it was non-standard). I liked the compressor so much that I repaired the unit instead of taking it back. It’s been working flawless ever since and does a great job of inflating my 33X12.5.