March 14, 2009Tillamook State Forest : Oregon - Off Road Trip Report

Attendees: Dan, Peter & Charlie
Rigs: 87 Toyota 4runner, 86 Toyota 4runner

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Our last minute 4wheeling expedition trip departed from my house around 9am.  We gassed up the trucks and headed toward Brown’s CampTillamook State Forest Oregon.

The rain turned to snow about 5 miles before the entrance to Browns Camp.  We decided to drive 10 miles further and navigate the service roads to the Archers Firebreak trail.  The snow kept increasing as we gained elevation; we were concerned that the trails would be impassable in the deep snow.

Archers Firebreak

Archers Firebreak

We found the Archers Firebreak trail trail head and proceeded to climb the first hill.  There was plenty of slipping and sliding in the snow but we completed the first section of trail without issues.  One of the next trail sections was a black diamond hill climb.  It was steep, deeply rutted and tippy.  Both Dan & I made it up with some spotting assistance.

The next challenging section of Archers Firebreak was the 2020 trail.  This trail is steep, rocky and slick.  Dan chose to attempt the far left side of the trail.  He nearly made it up but his back tire wouldn’t climb up the large boulder.  A fellow 4wheeler we met on the trail was kind enough to pull Dan over the boulder.  I chose to attempt the right side of the trail; it took a number of attempts but I was successful.

Archers Firebreak Rocky Uphill

Archers Firebreak Rocky Uphill

We decided to bypass the Can Opener trail due to snow.  The next challenging section of trail was the Rocky Uphill on Archers Firebreak.  The top section of trail required spotting assistance and several attempts to get up.

We continued down the next couple sections of trail then headed back to HWY 6.  We aired up our tires and headed for home.  Another successful wet cold trip!

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