March 7, 2009Goat Mountain : Oregon - Off Road Trip Report

Attendees: Jason + friend, Scott & Peter
Rigs: Jeep Gladiator, Toyota Tacoma & Toyota 4runner


Our small adventure group met off of hwy 211 around 10am.  Scott arrived early and waited around for Jason and I, the late arrivals.  We tested the CBs and headed out.  Snow began to cover the narrow roadway as we ascended up the road to Goat Mountain.

We stopped shortly to engage the 4wd and proceeded to where the road split off and aired down our tires.  We decided to attempt driving up to the radio tower at the top of Goat Mountain.  Partway up the mountain I made a short detour off the road and got my truck buried in deep snow.  Scott attempted to winch my 4runner forward but it wouldn’t budge.  Jason hooked up a tow strap and was able to pull me out backwards.  Our progress to the radio tower was stopped by the deep snow so we decided to go find another trail.

Goat Mountain Trip Map

Goat Mountain Trip Map

The trail we found had a steep initial climb that was rutted and muddy; all of us made it up without issues.  Scott had his starter glitch out but thankfully it started working again and we proceeded on.  The next section of trail was rather challenging with deep ruts and a large tree root protruding into the trail.  My truck made it through with a bit of tire spin.  Jason nearly made it but was bottoming out on the front skid plate; I gave him a slight tug and he drove right up.  Scott hooked up his winch and pulled himself over the tree root.

There was another similar obstacle further up the trail.  Scott hit it a bit hard and his front tire came off the rim.  We worked for a bit and got the spare tire on.  The remainder of the trail was uneventful, yet fun with a few tight sections rocks and mud.

We headed back down the trail onto the main road and aired up our tires.  It was a great day of 4wheeling.  Big thanks to Jason for putting together the video!!!

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